Crafts For Kids Tutorial Sham-ROCK Glowing Glitter Wishes

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Crafts For Kids

Crafts For Kids Tutorial Sham-ROCK Glowing Glitter Wishes

Finding easy crafts for kids always makes me happy! Ethan loves doing crafts. Cutting, gluing, sticker art, you name it and he’s all in. He comes up with the coolest creations just using huge cardboard boxes and scissors. He had his own ‘Apartment’ set up not to long ago with the huge boxes from opened Christmas presents. We just love watching him get his ‘creativity’ on!


I stumbled into this one looking at wedding ideas with my new daughter in law oddly enough. Our oldest son Frank who’s off in the military was getting married on the 4th of July and we were doing much of the work and decorations ourselves. They turned out amazing too! I just knew with a few changes this would make some pretty cool crafts for kids to make this St. Patrick’s Day. And, total bonus! If you switch out the colors, it’s perfect for any holiday, special occasion and just a fun crafts for kids to do anytime of year! For Mother’s Day or any spring/summer fun craft, you should check out the Decoupage Garden Planter he made! It’s was almost a Pinterest Fail, but we managed to save it!

Crafts For Kids Glowing Glitter Wishes

For this, you’ll need only a few supplies and that makes for easy, inexpensive fun!

  • Mason Jar (Or any glass jar with a lid that seals tight)
  • Scissors (Please use safety scissors with the really small fry’s!)
  • Diamond Glitter (White is great as well. We found it at Michael’s but I have seen it in some WalMart stores)
  • Glo-Sticks!! (Again, always available at Michael’s and in all kinds of colors depending on your theme. These’s were $1 each so we bought a ton to use for later!)

Crafts For Kids

Take some old newspaper and cover your space in case of mess. This is a super easy one, but ya never know with kiddos, right? And, I’m all about easy clean up! Start by laying out all your supplies on the paper and pick your colored Glo-Stick to match whatever theme your aim for this super crafts for kids is going to be. Cut the tip off the Glo-Stick and pour contents into the mason jar. Cover the mason jar and make sure it’s tight!

Crafts For Kids

Now, shake, shake, shake it up! Make sure to coat the inside of the jar really well. As you can see, this was the part Ethan enjoyed the most! I know you can see his huge smile, but I really wish you could have heard the giggles too! Best part of making crafts for kids? Knowing they are having a blast! And, I just noticed. Why are his pants unbuttoned? Boys!

Crafts For Kids

Now carefully remove the top of the lid. The contents of the Glo-Stick are non toxic but we found it’s a bit sticky. Maybe keep some napkins or baby wipes close if the kiddos get some on their hands! That stuff goes quick from hands, to clothes to your couch in the blink of an eye for sure! Pour the diamond glitter into the jar. There’s no ‘correct’ amount here that needs to be measured. We let Ethan do a pretty good amount! After all, the more sparkles, the more wishes you get! Tightly close the mason jar and shake, shake, shake again. Make sure the glitter completely coats the outside of the jar and gets all stuck in the Glo-Stick contents. And that’s it! Easy peasy!

Crafts For Kids

He was is some serious stages of math thought here. Trying to count exactly how many glowing glitter wishes are in that jar is some hard work. We had a really cool green crafts for kids subscription box a few months back. It came full of all things Dinosaur. And at the time, I really thought that would be his favorite craft ever. He loves dinosaurs! But, when he realized he’s got a whole jar of glowing wishes sitting right in his hands, this took over the #1 spot!

Crafts For Kids

We let him pick 2 colors for this craft project. He picked blue for him because it matches his room theme of pirates and underwater sea creatures. And, because he’s such a sweet kid, he made a purple on for me because it’s my favorite color. Wasn’t that nice? He spent a good while making wishes and then set it on his nightstand so they could come true while he was asleep. 1 of his wishes was for blueberry pancakes for breakfast! And ya know what? That wish totally came true!!!

As you can see, this falls into the super easy crafts for kids category! They are able to do it mostly on their own with some supervision.  Since Ethan really loves making crafts, we often go to this website for inspiration and ‘How to’ tutorials. Hands down, this is one of the best online resources we’ve found for all things crafts! Check it out, the small fry’s at your house are bound to find dozens of things to keep them busy!

Looking for a Teacher Appreciation Gift for your kids to get their craft on with? We make a great one! Check it out!

Our Mother’s Day Garden Planter that was almost a Pinterest Fail is pretty cute too!

What crafts will you be making this St. Patrick’s Day? Can you switch it out for anytime of year? I’d love to hear your ideas! Oh! And don’t forget, make some awesome glowing wishes! You never know when they will come true!


    • Sassy says

      It really did go over HUGE!! It’s the whole ‘glow’ factor along with ‘wishes’… I think kids just love believing in wishes! And there’s millions in these jars! Try it! Tell me how it goes.

  1. Samantha says

    My friend saw another pin similar to this and said hers didn’t work – I’ll try it now after seeing you had success!

    • Sassy says

      I’m not sure what would cause it to fail?? OH!! Maybe the glitter!! You have to use white or Diamond ONLY… something about colored glitter throws off the glo-stick!

      • Jenn says

        I did this last summer and mine didn’t turn out, now I know why. We used Red glitter and red glow sticks. Thank you!!

        • Sassy says

          Try a red Glo-Stik and the white or diamond glitter! Make sure to ‘crack’ the glo-stick before pouring it into the mason jar too!! Sometimes people forget to activate the stick first. Let me know how it turns out! Those are actually the exact colors we used for my son’s wedding on the 4th of July!

    • Sassy says

      Ours lasted about 12 hours… I would think it depends on the brand of glo-stick you buy. The package said 8-14 hrs… So… 12 was about right!

    • Sassy says

      About 12 hours. Check the packaging on the brand of glo-stick you buy, it should say a ‘range’… We made sure to have him make tons of wishes because he knew it would eventually stop glowing from Halloween crafts. Then slept with it next to his bed and by morning it was out. We made it after school and at bedtime was still going strong! (hint, hint)

  2. says

    What a great idea! This would be a great craft for 2/3 of my kids. I don’t think it’d be a great idea for my 3 year old, but tons of fun for the other two!

    • Sassy says

      I found it in a bridal magazine oddly enough LOL… I bet there are a dozen versions on Pinterest that are waaaaay cool too!! I should go look myself for next time!!

  3. Lindsay says

    Doesn’t the inside of the glowstick have a small glass tube? I don’t understand how this is a safe craft for kids when there will be shards of glass after you “break” to activate the glow stick. Am I missing something?

    • Sassy says

      That’s where ‘adult supervision’ comes in… We used long tweezers to pick out the piece. There shouldn’t be dozens of small glass pieces at all or you’re ‘breaking’ it wrong and waaaay too hard. There should be a glass tube that simply cracks. Pick it of for your small fry.

      • Lindsay says

        ooook. I’ve just never opened up a glow stick so I didn’t know they were that easy to pick out. thanks! =)

        • Sassy says

          I’m glad you asked!! It’s a step I guess I completely forgot to even mention! When you pour the activated glo-stik in the mason jar, the little tube will plop down in as well. Pull that piece out before closing the jar and shaking! :)

  4. Byron says

    Aw, this was an exceptionally nice post. Finding the time and actual effort to produce a
    great article… but what can I say… I put things off a whole lot and never seem to get anything done.

  5. Ashley says

    i am so excited about this! what a great craft for a space themed birthday party! or a train themed party for a conductor’s lantern :-) I now need to run to the store and find glow sticks!

  6. Ruth says

    I just did this with the kids from my out of school care, and they loved it. I got a bunch of smaller glo-sticks at Dollarama (10 for $2) and we used both mason jars and baby food jars. The minute they finished they had to run into the library (the only room without outside windows), so they could see them glow. I ran out of glo-sticks (20) and jars before I ran out of interested children. The smaller glo-sticks said they would last a minimum of 4 hours, so I told them it would light up until they went to bed but would go out before they woke up.

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