XBOX 360 Games For Kids – Top 5 Must Have List For 2013

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The Smurfs 2 video game

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XBOX 360 Games For Kids Smurfs 2

XBOX 360 Games For Kids – Top 5 Must Have List For 2013

Let’s face it, it’s tough to find many kids these days who aren’t passing time this Summer playing video games.  But finding a happy place of family friendly games parents are OK letting the small fry’s play and games those same small fry’s consider awesomesauce can be a challenge. We only buy XBOX 360 games for kids. You know, the kind where there’s no blood, gore, Zombies and all around mayhem of death. We’ve got quite a collection going! This past week, we added The Smurfs 2 to that list. Ethan loves it. And, I am totally loving it too! All my favorite little blue people are back baby! Having grown up watching The Smurfs, it’s pretty cool watching him get all involved now. The new movie hit theaters today, so it makes sense that there’s also an XBOX 360 games for kids to follow. The evil Gargamel has created some naughty smurf-like creatures (appropriately called ‘Naughties’) He’s out to turn them into the real Smurfs, which of course we just can’t have, right? Since the lovely Smurfette knows the magic spell to stop these shenanigans, he kidnaps her away to Paris. And now, our hero Smurfs have to figure out how to get her back! It’s rated E for Everyone by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. Up to 4 players can play at once, which also makes it perfect for Family Game Night. And, why I’m including it as one of our top 5 XBOX 360 games for kids. Reminds me a bit of Mario Bros in it’s game play. With the added La La La La La La, you need to get your Smurf 2 on!

XBOX 360 Games For Kids Smurfs 2

The Smurfs 2 game is available for almost every game platform including  Wii, Playstation 3, XBOX 360, and Nintendo DS. You’ll find it at most retailers and for sure on Amazon.

Top 5 XBOX 360 Games For Kids ‘Must Have List’

Being a psych major, I don’t really buy into the media hype that video games can make seemingly great kids turn violent. I do think they reflect what is happening real-time in society as a whole. Having said that, as parents, it is our responsibility to monitor what and how much we expose our kids to. Movies, cartoons and yes, even our beloved XBOX 360 games for kids.  Before buying your kid(s) the games they are pestering you for, check them out mom! Use your best judgement! Here’s our list of  family friendly and completely appropriate games for the kiddos!

The Smurfs 2 (read above game review) We found this great for Ethan to be challenged enough to hold his interest. Being based on the lovable Smurfs, we know there’s no violence. Even the adults got into this one!

LEGO Harry Potter (also Lego Star Wars, Batman, etc) All kids love LEGO. And, for parents approval, the LEGO characters fall apart rather than ‘dying’. There’s zero blood and gore going on here. Also, the games never actually end which leaves less small frys frustrated.

Minecraft  This one has the kiddos building block structures to protect against nocturnal monsters. We like it for it’s thinking skills… kids are learning some basic design engineering, and use their critical thinking brains! Or, as Ethan says… Filling up their smart meters…

XBOX 360 Kinect Sports This awesome game is like turning your whole family room into 1 big sports arena. You do need the Kinect to play, but you are up, moving and work up quite a sweat at times! The whole family can get in on this one. We have our own tournaments with trophies and everything! Highly recommend!

Kinect Rush – A Disney Pixar Adventure Rounding up our top 5 XBOX 360 games for kids is this super fun game we’ve just about worn down.  It’s very interactive. “Become a super spy in Cars, save the day as a robot in Toy Story, adventure through Paris as a clever rat in Ratatouille, stop Syndrome as a super hero in Incredibles, and help Karl as an intrepid Wilderness Explorer in UP. Through the magic of Kinect for Xbox 360, scan yourself into the game to become a unique character in five Pixar worlds”  There’s absolutely no sitting and zoning out here!

XBOX 360 games for kids Smurfs 2

No matter which of the best XBOX 360 games for kids you choose, when this look starts to happen, you know it’s about time to unplug for a bit! I think, if you look real close, you may see some drool in that last photo there. Video games can be an awesome way to connect with your kids on their level. Plan a family fun night and enjoy!


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.



  1. i think my nephew would love these games for the Xbox!

  2. We don’t own any gaming systems. I bet the lego one would be fun though!

  3. Love this list and keeping it for future use since Xbox is on our christmas list this year.

  4. Oh fun! I was wondering how the Smurfs 2 game would be. And thanks for the list of other xbox 360 games….we have a Minecraft fan already in our house, but we are always looking for more great games to play.

  5. sometimes I wish we had an xbox or a wii would be cool too

  6. how cute! my son would love it

  7. We just got this one. Can’t wait to try it

  8. We had a chance to demo this game recently and it’s a great family game. Kids will def enjoy it. Like yours did :)

  9. looks like fun! I remember playing with Smurf toys when I was a kid – I kept them and still have them! My kids would probably enjoy this game, love your son’s facial expressions!

  10. I am always looking for kid friendly games. The girls like to play video games too but I do not want them playing the kill/shoot them up fighting games that their brothers play.

  11. Kind of makes me want to go out and get an Xbox!!!

  12. Good list! My 10 year old loves Minecrack, it took awhile, but he eventually earned the paid version on the Xbox. Also the Lego ones are a huge hit, I don’t get it, but he sure does!
    thanks for this, Mitch

  13. Love the smurfs – great list of games to keep on hand for fall birthday parties – thanks!

  14. Thanks for your list of games. My kids are Minecraft addicts. I really want us to get the Kinect, especially once it gets too cold to exercise outside.

  15. We have the Wii – But I have sooooo been debating getting the XBox to get the Kinect! And the Smurfs game is totally on my list to buy :)

  16. stephanie says:

    I am 21 years old and I LOVE xbox 360 kids games!

  17. We have that Smurfs game but haven’t busted it out yet. Now I have got to do that. Love your 3 stages shots! Ha!

  18. That Smurfs game looks really fun! I would even enjoy it.

  19. Thanks for the list, we have an Xbox 360 and I find it hard to find games appropriate for the age levels of my kiddos.

  20. my boys are the same way Lol we don’t have smurfs though were were suppose to get it for a blogger event we went to but it never came

  21. Muhammad Aoun Khan says:

    Why did you say the LEGO games are endless because I finished one.

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